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Innovative custom solutions for ICT, IoT, Telemetry, GPS & LoRa®.

bespoke work

We are experts in producing tracking and tracing systems at the product level, and we have the right technology and knowledge for securing and monitoring goods, objects, and people. In addition, we develop custom sensor solutions for various market problems, using existing products that are adapted for specific applications or developing a product entirely from scratch if no suitable solution is currently available.


Our detection specialists are real experts thanks to many years of practical experience. Since the '90s, our experts have been at the forefront of successful detection and repatriation of stolen goods, both nationally and internationally.

All detections are carried out in consultation with the owner, client, insurer, and police. We have specially equipped detection vehicles with the necessary tools. In addition to detection vehicles, we have boats and can even deploy certified drones.


SkyLab is a brand-independent supplier of wired and wireless sensors, GPS tracking and measurement systems.

In addition to these systems, we also offer solutions for weather observations, water levels and CO2 measurements, volume measurement solutions, and even digital mouse traps. We can also operate all mentioned systems on LoRa or SigFox, so you don't have to incur costs for a 2G, 3G or 4G subscription.

application hosting

We host applications for all standard GPS, GSM, LBS, LoRa and IoT systems. These applications can be used on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. Thanks to years of development, built up with the expertise of users and developers, the applications are perfectly optimized.

Our applications are continuously developed and adapted. We respond to market needs and always look at new developments, applications and products.


Connected systems can be fully automated and monitored 24/7. (Block) times or other special requests can be included in a composed script. In this way, exceptions and alarms are automatically reported to alert addresses, and reception and follow-up can be confirmed if desired. Examples of monitored variables include:

  • Movement

  • Area surveillance

  • Route surveillance

  • Light detection

  • Speed

  • Temperature

  • Change of direction/course

  • Panic

  • Door contact

  • Level

  • Sound

  • Voltage drop

  • Smoke

  • CO2

  • Faults

Location Based Services

Location Based Services (LBS), also known as location-based services, are used when GPS location services no longer work. This can be due to buildings, structures, or objects intentionally or unintentionally being out of range. With LBS, we can determine which base station or cell tower has been illuminated, which provides us with a position indication. We can track and locate goods based on LBS, which is applied to GPS, LoRa, Wireless LAN (WiFi), Bluetooth, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and even sound-based technology. LBS is a proven essential support when standard location services are not available due to circumstances, which is often the case with theft. This is also one of the reasons why many stolen goods are not recovered based on GPS alone. By integrating LBS into our solutions, it is possible to track and locate objects internationally, even when other systems fail.

LPWA Virtual Network 

We provide exclusive M2M prepaid SIM cards with Europe (plus) coverage that are valid for 12 months or more. These special multiprovider SIM cards support 2G, 3G, and 4G from multiple telecom providers, so you are not dependent on a single provider. With our multiprovider SIM cards, you have maximum coverage and support for tracking, monitoring, and investigation operations. These capabilities are NOT available with standard SIM cards and providers. Because our SIM card always chooses the best network, location-based services (LBS) are more accurate and better applicable.

Location Based Services

LoRaWAN is an open protocol network. This low-power telecommunication network is ideal for communication over long distances. Networks that use LoRa® technology are excellent for the Internet of Things (IoT), where you can exchange data with smart sensors. This technology requires less complex hardware, making applications more cost-effective, smaller, and more energy-efficient than sim card solutions. Sensors that use LoRa® can operate autonomously for years.

Location Based Services

Wifi is a technology that enables wireless connection to devices or the internet. Instead of using cables, wifi sends and receives data via radio waves. This also fits in with the development of the 'Internet of Things'. Thanks to wifi, more and more devices can connect. Wifi access points have their own identity and are normally located in fixed positions. With a wifi scan, location services in buildings without GPS can be determined. With this technique, wifi access points with signal strength in the vicinity are localized. This variant is also called local-based services (LBS).

Location Based Services

We also integrate radio beacons in special situations alongside the standard techniques described. Radio beacons are used to locate objects in buildings or enclosed spaces. When standard techniques, such as GPS or even LBS, are no longer sufficient for tracking, this technology is the solution. Stolen vehicles, machinery or goods are often intentionally hidden from view. Radio beacons are then the last link for effective tracking. These transmitters are not noticed because they are not active immediately. Radio beacons are integrated according to the specifications of clients and can cover distances of up to several kilometers. Radio beacons can be applied to HF, VHF, UHF, SHF, wifi, LoRa®, A-RFID or Bluetooth, among other things. Radio beacons are located using special equipment, scanners, or applications on a mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Searches can be conducted by the user or by our tracking specialists with specially equipped vehicles.


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