Port of Moerdijk smart windturbines

The Port of Moerdijk has the first public Internet of Things Network which is realised on Vattenfall wind turbines. The 120-meter high wind turbines build by Nordex are equipped with LoRaWAN® gateways which can receive sensor information in a radius of +/- 25 Km (2000 Km2). Received sensor data is securely transferred to the internet where users can retrieve and visualize it. LoRaWAN® stands for Long Range Low Power communication, allowing small sensors to work independently for years on a battery or unlimited on solar energy. The sustainable technology can be used for industrial, living environment and climate monitoring. This sensor network is part of the worlds largest and fastest-growing IoT community “The Things Network and The Things Industries” and can be used by everyone for free. By providing windturbines with LoRaWAN® technology fed by wind energy, large areas are opened up simply and sustainably for the use of low-threshold sensor applications. This project was commissioned by the Port of Moerdijk in collaboration with Vattenfall, Nordex and realized by SkyLab, which is specialized in IoT solutions and gateway installations. With the realization, the entire Port of Moerdijk, a large parts of Hollands diep, Havenspoorlijn, De Biesbosch and surrounding municipalities is equipped with this free Internet of Things Network. It is expected that Vattenfall and SkyLab will also open up other areas for the Internet of Things application in this process and possibly expand at sea.

Hoek or Holland

Skylab has installed a new gateway in collaboration with the municipality of Rotterdam and housing association Hoek van Holland. Hoek van Holland Now also has coverage, adding to the TTN010 project. The gateways that have been placed are linked to The Things Network and industries. The Things Network is the largest and fastest-growing IoT network. Now that the coverage and thus infrastructure for Smart city Applications has been laid in Hoek van Holland, a new path has been paved for innovation and making the city smart. This global IoT network, to which Hoek van Holland is now also linked to, can be used by everyone for free to use on a wide range of sensors for among other reasons: simple monitoring and surveillance of objects, people and the living environment.  

Port of Amsterdam

SkyLab B.V. has further expanded the Municipality of Amsterdam and Port of Amsterdam with the publicly available sensor network ”The Things Network” and “The Things Industries” The placement of the new gateway was commissioned by the Province of North Holland, municipality Amsterdam, RIVM and project “Hollandse Luchten” the purpose of the gateway will be (among others) measuring the air quality of in and around the cities. With the new expansion on top of the Port Building near Amsterdam Central Station, a large area of tens of kilometres will now have coverage.

Province North-Holland

SkyLab has provided the municipality of Zaandam, Velsen-Zuid and Beverwijk with a free sensor network “The Things Network” in commision of the Province of Noord-Holland, project WAAG “Hollandse Luchten”, making the municipalities part of so-called Smart Cities for the Internet of Things

Prorail Gateway

In collaboration with partners Skylab is the first to install a LoRaWAN gateway in a ProRail GSM-R cell-tower between Zevenaar and the German border, for the further expansion and application of LoRaWAN sensors in and around the track.

Monitoring wells with LoRaWAN sensors that measure the groundwater level have been placed over a wide range at the points. The wireless sensors read the measurement results and send messages with water levels, pressure and temperature to the LoRaWAN gateway in the GSM-R mast at the track. The gateway is connected to The Things Network and Industries and the internet. Here, the data is retrieved and stored in the cloud and displayed (live) via the SkyLab and ProRail IoT Dashboard and in ProRail’s Digital Assets Lab. The (historical) data can easily be retrieved from the dashboards and exceptions are reported immediately.

Rotterdam Maasvlakte

SkyLab has expanded the public Internet of Things network in the Port of Rotterdam with a loRaWAN® Gateway on the Uniper Benelux, Rotterdam. The gateway is a Dutch record, with a height of 130 meters from ground level. The gateway is connected to the largest and fastest growing IoT community network in the world, The Things Network & The Things Industries. This gateway can receive sensor information in a radius of 15 km and covers a large area of about 700 km2 or more for outdoor sensors. It provides a large part of the Rotterdam Maasvlakte, North Sea, Hoek van Holland, Zeeland and the “Havenspoorlijn”.