We are very happy to announce that SkyLab B.V. has become the main distributor of LongAP gateways in Europe. The Gateways are designed and manufactured by HeNet B.V. This includes the new LongAP Pro carrier-grade LoRa Gateway that will soon be available for pre-order. 

LongAP Pro is an outdoor, carrier-grade LoRa Gateway. The Gateway supports a simple and reliable installation process. Another great feature is that the gateway offers full remote management and onboarding.

The LongAP Pro can be connected to the internet via ethernet or 4G/LTE. The LongAP Pro features a unique multi-network packet forwarder to support multiple LoRa networks simultaneously (public and/or private), reducing the total cost of ownership and increasing usability. Networks can be remotely added and managed from LongAP’s online management dashboard. The LongAP Pro also offers additional support for dual multi-band applications with 868 MHz and 2.4 GHz (maritime) frequencies.

 The LongAP Pro will be sold with an optional solar-battery-power-supply that uses one or more solar panels and a 12V battery. Combined with the 4G support, the gateway can work fully off-grid and independently.

 The LongAP Pro is designed to support multiple LoRa networks. Some networks require certification or similar verification before gateways can be added to the network. HeNet B.V. is working with several networks on getting certified. The optional feature to fully support Helium’s LoRaWAN network as “miner” earning for “Proof-of-Coverage” will only be available to order after approval by Helium’s DeWi. Providing Helium data-connectivity is already supported currently. Please contact the sales team at SkyLab at LongAP@skylab.nl  for more information on network support.

We are excited for this new adventure and look forward to sending out the first orders as soon as possible.