Offshore Innovation Awards

Recently Skylab B.V. has participated in an innovation contest called Offshore wind innovators which was realized by TKI Wind. The contest was focused on offshore wind innovations to increase technological advancements offshore. With skylab being a company leading in building Internet of Things Networks for Smart Cities, Industries, and Smart ports based on LoRaWAN networks, we thought we could expand existing (loRaWAN) Technologies on the mainland, to offshore use-cases. With our pitch we gained a top three position in the contest, sadly we didn’t win however, we hope to gain experience and connections with our participation.

LoRaWAN stands for Long Range Low Power communications at which small wireless sensors can operate for many years and communicate securely and redundant over tens of kilometres. At this moment this global free IoT network is limited to the mainlands and coastal areas. SkyLab has the great idea to expand this IoT network to the North Sea and connecting the dots between the UK and The Netherlands. The North Sea can be the first Sea that provides a public free-for-use LoRaWAN IoT network for everyone. This idea will be a great innovation for vessels, cargo, sea farming, environmental monitoring, buoys monitoring, platform, and wind farm monitoring. Also, this technology can be very efficient for search and rescue operations. A drowning person can be quickly recovered and will make the North Sea safer. This network on the North Sea can be realized by SkyLab by installing LoRaWAN receivers at North Sea platforms and Windturbines. Every gateway on height can cover an area of about 1000 Km2. 

Apart from ongoing agreements and projects we are looking for more businesses and people interested in adding and participating in our goal to give LoRaWAN IoT network coverage to The North Sea.